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Concerned Republican Voters of Dallas County, an ad hock task force made up of precinct chairs and concerned constituents of the DCRP alike want to Restore Trust in Our Elections. This informational presentation will highlight our research of the Texas Election Code, analyze of Dallas County Election data, information from concerned groups like ours from across Texas and across the country, and will show you how the Dallas County Republican Party can ensure transparent and accountable Elections in the March 2024 Presidential Primary. A resolution has been filed with the DCRP resolution committee, Calling for Hand Counting in March 2024 Republican Primary Election, and time is of the essence. 

The Texas Election Code 123.001 places the authority for determining the voting system used in the parties’ primary in the hands of the executive committee, the PRECINCT CHAIRS. To facilitate full understanding of this great responsibility and duty, we have put together a presentation to answer all your questions so that PRECINCT CHAIRS might better serve their precinct's interest. 

With the recent resolution passed by the National Republican Party which "supports the rights of counties and states that are willing and able to competently and efficiently implement voting procedures that do not require the use of machines and those that implement hand counting procedures that are fully auditable," this should be a uniting of Republicans "for a NECESSARY RETURN TO EXCELLENCE " 

PLEASE RSVP by selecting either the reserved seating for precinct chairs or the non-reserved seating for concerned citizens. There is no charge for either, and all are welcome. Security will be present. 

A Full list of expert presenters will be provided at a later date. 

Thank you for your interest and to the Precinct chairs, for taking your duty seriously. We look forward to hosting you on Sunday 9/24 at 2 pm.

Reserve your seat at:
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